Solar Panels: A Growth Story

Solar Panels: A Growth Story

The world’s energy demand is going up, and India, which hosts almost 1/7th of the world’s population, is no exception. If anything digital signage malaysia, the energy crisis here will be a more severe one than what most people expect. This makes sustainable energy a hot topic in the country, and one must tread carefully when it comes to addressing this issue. Many international companies are stepping in to lend a helping hand to the already strained resources and heal nature. They are bringing with them the gift of technology. Solar energy is the next most viable option after we have exhausted the non-renewable sources of it. This is the reason why solar panels is becoming a big thing the whole world over. You can count on international conglomerates’ ingenuity to make this work in a market as diverse as India.

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Why it will succeed:

The question in itself deserves some merit. It is not without a solid base. Solar energy was attempted in India before too Greentouch, but that effort only met failure in all areas where the government tried to promote it. Apart from a very selective criterion, it failed in almost every other. But the new wave in based on significant improvements. Read on to find the factors that make this wave an exception from the previous one.

  • A solid foundation: The modern solar cells are nowhere as fragile as the old ones were. They can withstand huge pressure and still not lose functionality nor break down. Even in areas with extreme weather conditions, they work just fine and can uphold heavy rainfall and snow. This factor alone has greatly increased the scope and potential of the product. It is now found in all corners of the country.
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  • Lack of open spaces: In metro cities, there is a shortage of living space and in such conditions expecting one to put up big panels was not wise. But even this has been worked upon, and you can now find an integrated solar panel system working in crowded areas. They are one singular panel put up on the rooftop, and the entire building has got the power divided amongst them. They share the power generated for minor purposes like hallway lighting and central air conditioners (both of which, when taken collectively, consume a lot of power).
  • The cost factor: Cost has always been a factor in the Indian market. You cannot succeed with a product that has been priced above the comfort range of most consumers. Giving them the honest lure that they will be saving big on electricity cost was not enough. So this time around, the panels are priced much lower (thanks to the advancement in technology), and most people can afford them.

Solar panels is increasingly finding the ground, and if the pace is kept up, very soon, the nation will be able to take a big load off the back of its limited resources.